Captured Hunter is available on Amazon! I invite everyone to go see it and write a review! And, of course, the Greeting Card Giveaway with original work by creator Vicki-Lynn is in force! Just email me once you leave your review to get your card!

Big news! The reason I haven't posted much here is because I've been busy writing, editing, and shopping my second novel, Binding Contracts. And my efforts have now paid off, as I have just accepted a contract to publish, probably sometime in late May! More details to follow! Want to read a little blurb? 

PROMO VIDEO: I've created a short promo video and posted here on my site. I'd love to hear what you think!

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GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT: Anyone who give me a thorough and thoughtful review of Captured Hunter or Binding Contracts will get an originally-designed, hand-crafted greeting card from greeting card artist Vicki-Lynn!
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Contemporary romance novels with a little kink.

Author Interview: Believe it or not, Indie Author Publishing was interested in me enough to grant me an interview - and they published it! I'm excited and flattered! I hope you take a minute to read a little more about me. Leave a comment or question on the site - I'll be sure to answer you!    

For those of you that have been waiting, Binding Contracts is now available for pre-order - at a 15% discount - through the Siren Bookstrand website! Not only do you get to see the cover art (which I LOVE), but there are a couple of blurbs on the site - one of which is quite steamy! 

Author Jamie Sterling

Binding Contracts is LIVE! Not only have my great readers already pushed it to #27 for all M-F romances on, it is actually at Number 1 for all New Releases on the site this week! I'm flattered and astounded! Please leave a review - I greatly appreciate getting feedback on my writing!