May 7 - I've finally completed the first draft of my second book, Binding Contracts! That wasn't easy, but it never is! I can't wait to get it edited and out to all of my readers! Keep your eyes on my site for updates!

September 2 - It is my honor and privilege to be part of the Country Christmas Love Anthology! It's a compilation of short stories from a bunch of authors about rural Christmas time romances, and I'm writing one of the stories. I hope you pick up your copy when it's available - all proceeds will be going to Random Acts ​charity ( You can send me your email address and I'll be sure to let you know when it's available and how to get it!

September 5 - My second book, Binding Contract, is nearing completion! Check back here for updates as I get them, or scroll down and subscribe to get automatic updates!

GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT: Anyone who give me a thorough and thoughtful review of Captured Hunter will get an originally-designed, hand-crafted greeting card from greeting card artist Vicki-Lynn!
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October 4 - My first ever Release Tuesday!!!!!! Excited is not the word! Please go download and enjoy ​Captured Hunter!  

November 18 - Captured Hunter is available on Amazon! I invite everyone to go see it and write a review! And, of course, the Greeting Card Giveaway with original work by creator Vicki-Lynn is in force! Just email me once you leave your review to get your card!

October 14 - I'm sorry to say that the Country Christmas Love Anthology has been postponed until next year. There were just too many things to get done and not enough time to do them. I'll keep you posted here - I hope to be a part of this wonderful plan when it picks up next year!

August 29 - I'm very excited to announce that I'll be the featured author in the Welcome Wednesday Blog Post on Facebook! Stay tuned for more information and the link as soon as it becomes available!

Contemporary romance novels with a little kink.

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