Contemporary romance novels with a little kink.

Author Jamie Sterling

Story Blurb:  Hunter Mitchell is convinced that he will never find a woman with whom he can share his interests in sensual bondage. But when he meets Stephanie Lynch, a brilliant and beautiful astronomer, he hopes fervently that his search is over. As they explore their relationship, they are both delighted that Hunter's desire to tie her up is something that Stephanie is very eager to explore.

Just as they are starting to learn about everything that bondage and restraint can offer, Stephanie is rocked to her core when she receives terrible news that Hunter is not the wonderful man that he seems to be. Only after she abandons him and the relationship does she discover the horrible mistake she’s made. She wants to fix things, but Hunter, angry and hurt, now wants nothing more to do with her.

Can they reconcile their differences and resume the relationship that has stoked their passions?

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by Brenda35
Starts off a little plain - contemporary setting and fairly uninspiring categories. Only after you start to read do you get to see the complexity of the hero and heroin. I found myself rooting for them, especially towards the end as things start to fall apart. I think there could have been more sex scenes, as it was fairly tame, but the emotion and compassion that did go into those scenes made up for it. I wouldn't consider this an erotic romance - more like an emotional romance with some very good sex scenes. I would recommend it!

by CarolKat
I found this book just a bit slow at the beginning but that did change. There was a lot of technical information about astronomy, but given Stephanie has her doctorate in that field and is a professor at the college I guess it was somewhat necessary. Hunter on the other hand is a technical writer in finance. He has a couple of hobbies a Hockey league for one, fishing and astronomy. A public event at the observatory is how he meets Stephanie. I really liked the way the relationship developed with unique dates over the course of a few weeks. The way Hunter is reluctant to reveal his kink and how Stephanie handles it was fun and sensual. There is a twist that took me totally by surprise. One that I wasn't sure how it could possible be resolved. I laughed, held my breath and bit my nails a bit. I also learned a lot about astronomy, not something I expect in a romance novel. I did find a couple of editing errors but not ones big enough to pop me out of the story. Congratulations, Jamie!

by JoAnn Frasier
​First, ignore the cover - it's a little over the top. This book is more about a relationship than the sex stuff that the cover implies. Only two sexual encounters and really - they're pretty light. What I really loved about this book were the characters. You get a sense from the first couple of paragraphs that Hunter is intense, interesting & somebody you would like to know. I also liked Stephanie right away. Great writing that jumps into their lives, gets you up to speed in a page or two. (not boring, "once upon a time" drawn out listing of their attributes). The banter between the two is cute, believable and sounds just like a few of my friends - the smart-ass ones!! The astronomy plot was different, interesting & I learned stuff.

One thing I didn't care for ** Spoiler Alert??** was the scene with Hunter closing off/shutting down on the sofa. I know it was useful to the later plot - but felt 'off' for me. He seemed confident enough to approach the issue differently ??? But in no way diminished the story. Overall - Super. I want to know more of these characters . . . . Jamie - - will you be checking back in on Hunter & Stephanie ?​

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Author Jamie Sterling