Story Blurb:  Hunter Mitchell is convinced that he will never find a woman with whom he can share his interests in sensual bondage. But when he meets Stephanie Lynch, a brilliant and beautiful astronomer, he hopes fervently that his search is over. As they explore their relationship, they are both delighted that Hunter's desire to tie her up is something that Stephanie is very eager to explore.

Just as they are starting to learn about everything that bondage and restraint can offer, Stephanie is rocked to her core when she receives terrible news that Hunter is not the wonderful man that he seems to be. Only after she abandons him and the relationship does she discover the horrible mistake she’s made. She wants to fix things, but Hunter, angry and hurt, now wants nothing more to do with her.

Can they reconcile their differences and resume the relationship that has stoked their passions?

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Captured Hunter - now available for download!  

Author Jamie Sterling

Contemporary romance novels with a little kink.

Author Jamie Sterling